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I used to talk shit about Gresham too. Never too much because I’m not fancy and I come from humble stock, but what I knew of Gresham certainly did not appeal. That all changed when I went out to look at this house: it was love at first sight. The Butte, the neighborhood (think a mid century Tabor that’s way less dense and is bigger), the historic Gresham downtown (which is without any exaggeration about 1000 times better than Portland’s downtown right now!) the neighborhood with the hundreds of acres of green space behind the house, the house itself! I mean this is basically my dream house; something unique on an oversize lot, not too far out, surrounded by nature.

Gresham itself has been a joy to “discover”.  Its all the things that I was so exited about when I moved to PDX 15 years ago: diverse, affordable and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. And now that we’re done with the project I gotta tell you I’m in love. But I definitely have to sell it so we can move on to the next project.  This is a dream house for under 400k.  If you work from home, or work in the East co. this is the one!

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