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Portland is a city with lots to offer. Famously coined as the city where young people go to retire, it has the night life to back it up. As you grow older, though, the prospect of going out, drinking with friends starts to lose its shine. Working throughout the state of Oregon, we’re finding more and more homes, in beautiful environments, away from the city lights. I’ve always been a proponent of getting out of the city, either into the mountain or the coast. Recently, I’ve found myself helping old friends find places that are truly beautiful that allow them to escape the city. And outside of the city, you can find property CHEAP. Gorgeous backdrops, ideal scenery, and the Deschutes River could be in your back yard, all for less than a 2 bed/1 bath house out in Lents. We’ve omitted using the names of our friends and photos of their home, but check out Maupin!

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