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Well well well.  We finally got the place done, and it turned out
beautiful.  Great!

We got it on the market, priced to sell fast, and it sold fast.  Great!

Then we go to sign docs and finally see the cost break downs for the
hard money we borrowed.  Not so great!

So after a grateful, elated morning we were quickly brought back down
to earth.  Our profit was pretty meager before all the fees and
interest (9.9% y’all!) after that, kinda sad.  We’ve been busting ass,
making Portland a prettier, safer place, for a year now.  Not a lot to
show for it profit wise.  Actually none until today.  AND YET at the
the of the day we are still really happy.  We really love doing this.
Its definitely not just about the money.  And we do love a challenge.
And we do believe in what we are doing.  So there you have it.  We are
just getting going.  And have lots to learn about the home renovation

Next up, Overlook!

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