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What is your role for Houselab?
Broker, but beyond that I keep everything moving.

Describe your perfect day in Oregon..
Wake up in my van with my daughter at my side… who’s probably just farted in the sheets and is already bugging me for hot chocolate. We skate in the sun to breakfast, read, go for a surf, then BBQ with some friends on the beach. Little bit of work and a little bit of play is also pretty perfect too!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Amazing homes. Since I’m in the mountains and at the beach so often, I’m really attuned to what works for vacation rental homes and having been in the business for so long, I just have a really deep appreciation for good design and high quality products.

Quote or Mantra to live by..
“Be cool,” – Jake Goodson

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I’m doin it!

Lacroix flavor of choice?
Taking the spring water from HWY 26 and making my own like a real hippie. Not trying to drink Wisconsin water.

What’s the last thing you googled?
Mt. Hood Weather Forecast

Favorite Style of home?
Ranch or mid-century modern, I do love a weird Northwest contemporary.

What’s the best room in a house and why?
It seems like all the living happens in the kitchen, but I’m more of a living room guy; near the fire.

What’s your favorite building in Portland?
Fair-haired Dumbbell Eastern bulkhead off the Burnside bridge, an asymmetrical masterpiece and the only truly unique building in the whole city.

What was your first car?
Toyota Pick Up truck that me and my best friend bought when we were 15 with cash from bussing tables and washing dishes.

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