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Welp, we are back in the game; after a pandemic induced ass kicking on our last project on N Sumner we took some time off to reflect and see where the market was headed.  Turns out there is less supply than ever and still robust demand, so we are back at it!
Im really excited to breathe some life into this place.  Every home we have ever renovated has been completely trashed by the former owners.  So you show up, and its just disgusting and disturbing and I end up feeling angry.  Angry that this beautiful home got shat on, angry that these people just get to walk away and leave us their trash, and angry that they still get top dollar.
This home has been lovingly maintained and cared for.  With tons of cute and lovable little touches.  John is going to think Im crazy with all the things that I want to keep!  Stay tuned!

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