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If you drive far enough East on the McKenzie hwy, past all the eerily beautiful and surreal destruction of the Holiday Farm fires, you will get back to the forest that you know and love and remember. We were lucky enough to represent a family who lost their family home in the Opal Creek fires, and ironically enough, found them a “replacement” home not too far from the scene of another terrible fire zone.
The home itself is perched right on the banks of the McKenzie river.  A river so pure and clean you can drink right out of it (if you go get lost at the top of the McKenzie river trail on your bike in the heat and then start cramping up and run out of water 1/3 of the way through you can).
This is a special place on the edge of a National Forest.  This was the first client, when asked what they really want out of a home, who told me “hike-ablity”.  Naturally I got giddy…
So here we are!

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