We know you want to be original. To do that, you need to buy the right house and then also be able to design and renovate it to make it your own.


See for yourself — Drag the yellow divider to see the 180° upgrade we gave this Portland Tudor home.

Portland is rich with historical homes! But, owning a home of yesteryear does not mean you have to live surrounded by the ghosts of candelabra-past. As you can see here, we kept as many original features as possible — original oak China cabinets, wood-burning fireplace, light fixtures, and beautiful grated windows. We understand the history makes the home. Now, these homeowners can kick back in their updated living room knowing their home was renovated sustainably, and restored to continue housing Portlanders decades into the future.

And, that was only one renovation example. Browse our complete portfolio below.

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We’re already entrenched in the world of flips and renovations — we do it for ourselves all the time! Now let us do it for you. From whole home renovations to designing ADU’s, we have seen it all.

Lay down your vision and we can help you strategize around making it a reality. We will guide you through the best design and renovation options in regards to the market value, live-ability, rentability, and more. All we need are your goals — we will handle the rest.


Houselab is your gateway to the best in the biz. With us, you will have access to the designers, contractors, and service providers we have personally vetted, along with our personal knowledge and oversight from decades of flipping homes ourselves.

In fact: Jake is currently renovating his own 70’s ranch home — check it out here for the cold hard proof.


On the other side of the wild ride, once renovation and flipping are complete, you are left with the peace of knowing you saved yourself a whirlwind of time and trouble! Having the Houselab Team by your side is a surefire way to fall in love with your home again… no hassle or haggling required.

When the final touches are done, we will be there to share in your excitement and toast to your awesome new space!

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